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Grant Smolen created Little Fancy in 2017 after searching for the perfect drink that was light like a beer but sophisticated like a wine or champagne.

Grant had been a hairstylist for nearly 20 years, and when he consulted his clients (the best focus group an entrepreneur could ask for), he realized that the demand for delicious and natural spritzers was overwhelming. Grant teamed up with Kim Anderson and Alice Rand and a handful of beverage industry veterans as key advisers, to create two refreshing recipes.

Little Fancy uses naturally flavored sparkling water paired with carefully selected wines to create a new take on the classic wine spritzer cocktail, and thus Little Fancy was born!

The flagship flavors, Peachy Rosé and PInot Pear, are available at gourmet grocers across NYC and Brooklyn. But we aren’t stopping there... stay tuned for more flavors that you can sip all year long to always make your life a Little Fancy.